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Internal Drapes and Home Window Tinting:
Insulating your windows has a big impact on your ability to
economically cool and heat your home.
Did you know?
Approx 10 x as much heat is lost through windows compared to walls.
In Winter-Reduce heat loss by installing heavy internal drapes or curtains:
Ensure you use heavy drapes/ curtains that have plenty of folds in them and are snug fitting, this will create an effective barrier for Winter and Summer comfort and Savings.

Summer options for Insulating your windows include installing awnings or window tint.
In Summer - Unprotected windows cause the suns rays to pass through the glass,
and the heat to become trapped inside, heating your home summer!!?
Hich Tech Window Tint: Window Tint provides you with up to 79% heat reduction in Summer.
In Winter Window Tint : Retards Winter heat loss by up to 33%
Window Tinting also allows you to have your drapes/ curtains open to allow natural light in.
Provides daytime privacy, safety, lets you soak up the view through your windows
and is low maintenance!


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