Hi, my name is Tom Law & I am the Proprietor of Thermal Living.
My first lesson in Energy conservation occurred when I was 10 yrs
old, living in Melbourne, Mum died when I was 7 & Dad remarried
3 years later. Dad must have told my new step Mother (Tessie) to
pull me into shape a bit. The first thing I can remember her telling
me was "turn the lights out when you leave bathroom". However, I
was very much in my own world & it constantly skipped my mind,
She then told me "I will fine you three pence (2.5cents) every time
you leave the light on". My weekly pocket money was then '4bob'
(40cents), by the end of the week I had no pocket money left, being
a slow learner, in some respects, it took me a while to get the
message, but I eventually did & still do so to this day.

When my Parents rebuilt, some years later, they designed the new
house with lots of window space on the North side, to let in the
beautiful low winter sun, but shaded by the eaves in summer.
When the sun went down they closed the thick drapes with plenty of
folds on them, that Tessie had made herself, combined with the
ceiling insulation & self closing exhaust fans, that held in a lot of the
days warmth.
They also installed canvas awnings on the west facing windows &
closeable exhaust fans to keeping the winter warmth & kept out the
Summer heat from the roof space and that was 38 odd years ago.
My commitment to "energy conservation", began back the the mid 70's, when the world experienced its 1st "OIL CRISIS" (1973). The
price of oil skyrocketed causing a economic recession as a young
man. I was caught between jobs & looking for something worthwhile
to do.
The newspapers were full of articles telling us we must cut
back on energy use & recycle & that insulation be made mandatory.
Many homes were then heated with oil heaters which became
very expensive to run & air-conditioning was only for multi-story
At the time, through a chance meeting, I became involved in the
sales of installation for a home insulation company in Melbourne
that produced an insulation material that combined a method of
installing superior insulation, qualities with recycling, was safe &
had amazing fire retardant qualities...

...That product is known as, Treated cellulose fibre &
used prolifically throughout the world.
Note: extract from a CSIRO report on insulation, "What are they made from?" Cellulose Fibre is usually made from newspapers which are pulverized to give a fine fluff, since
paper is flammable, a fire retardant such as a mixture of borax & boric acid is added by
the manufacturer.

Apart from insulating private homes the company, also did contract work for the Housing Commission of Victoria, Dep.of Defence Housing & other Government buildings. The Company was a leading innovator in developing professional preparation methods for the differing types of roof & ceiling construction, which was continued & further developed by Thermal Living & then adopted by the majority of other businesses in the cellulose Insulation Industry.

This enabled the insulation of virtually any type of roof such as low pitched, flat, skillion & cathedral along with effective treatments for ceiling vents, exhaust fans,airflow ceilings, heaters & oven flues, recessed lights, dropped ceilings, brick feature walls, open space behind fridges & in more recent times air-conditioning returns & down lights.
( see image 3)